EroticaBabes - Bad Dolly Nude Treadmill Fun


EroticaBabes - Bad Dolly Nude Treadmill Fun
Dolly is trying out our treadmill, she states off the bat that she's not fit. We think she is, but that's another type of fit! She starts off on the treadmill and increases the speed, thinking it's the elevation control. All good fun, she can laugh at herself which is always nice to see and hear. We have 2 cameras shooting this scene, a wide angle and a closer hand held viewpoint. There are multiple angles and viewpoints throughout the video as Dolly paces out on the treadmill. Nude from the start only wearing a pair of training shoes. Her ass and thighs ripple and jiggle as she runs, the boobs bounce and wobble too. She has a fantastic body which the treadmill shows off really well when she is in motion. She chats to you now and again making quips and observations. There is a long slow motion sequence at the end of the video, some 7 minutes or so. This was our first shoot with Dolly and she made a great impact.

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ass shaking bouncing boobs jiggle slow motion treadmill