EroticaBabes - Ashley Rider PAWG jiggle


EroticaBabes - Ashley Rider PAWG jiggle
Ashley Rider is in her gym, nude apart from a pair of below the knee leg warmers. She is going to do some exercises and we get to watch. There's a bit of background buzzing on the audio track so it's not as clean and clear as you'd expect from us. You can hear what Ashley is saying but her voice is altered slightly by the audio filters. She tells you she needs to warm up before the jiggling commences. She leans forwards and lets her boobs hang down. She then turns around with her ass and back facing you. She bends over again and shows you her ass and tits hanging. She stretches her arms up and squats down. Her ass is magnificent. She tells you she loves to jiggle and asks if you want to watch. There's a rather loud songbird singing in the background too whilst Ashley is chatting to you! Oh the joys of audio capture. Ashley gets down on all fours in the doggy position with her ass pointing towards the camera. She starts to twerk her ass and rolls and rocks it. We slow the action down so you can see her ass wobbling and twerking in slow motion. Ashley's thick thighs and big ass is a delight to view. She really is a PAWG. She flexes her ass muscles and then swaps position so she is side onto the camera. She pushes her ass right up in the air. She flexes and wobbles her ass. She moves to lay on her side and stretch her leg up in the air. She rolls more onto her side and pushes her ass into your face. She dabs herself down with a towel as she's getting hot. She picks up the hand weights and pushes them against her tits. We slow this motion down as she jiggles and squeezes them. Then it's back to normal speed as she continues to jiggle and squeeze her tits. She stands up and leans forward to shake and jiggle her hanging tits. We slow this down so you can see them swing and bounce from side to side as she shimmies her tits. You see this as normal speed too, and she goes faster too. She turns around against the wall and spreads her legs open and jiggles her ass. We show you this slowed down as she rocks from side to side and twerks her ass. This is also shown at normal speed too. Ashley's thighs and ass are just perfect. If you love large asses, thighs and tits then this is for you. The scene was shot with two cameras and we swap between the two angles during the scene. There's more slow motion sections as Ashley jiggles her ass. She turns around and uses one of the weights to play with her clit. She rubs it along her clit as we leave her to it and her gym session

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