EroticaBabes - Ariel Anderssen Butt Boxing


EroticaBabes - Ariel Anderssen Butt Boxing
Ariel has decided she needs to improve her cardio vascular and feels her arms are like spaghetti! This will not do. Working on the premise that boxers are fit she decides to take up boxing. In this scene she will tell you all about it and starts of doing shadow boxing. Trouble is she starts to pound her thighs and ass and loves it! She gets a little distracted, switching between practising her boxing and punching her own body! A fun and enjoyable scene with a nude Ariel and a pair of bright yellow female boxing gloves. There is a slow motion sequence added on the end of the clip which is a couple of minutes long. The quality of the slow motion is great, slowed down by 75% of normal speed you get to see Ariel's flesh take the impact from her gloves.

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ass smacking slow motion workout/gym fitness boxing