chloeblossom - ASMR Pin-Up Makes You A Panty Slave


chloeblossom - ASMR Pin-Up Makes You A Panty Slave
Hello sweet darling, today i'm going to make you my panty slave. You see me in my pretty 50s dress and I know what you are thinking about. My pretty panties under my pretty dress. You can't think about anything else except seeing my pretty panties under my 1950s dress, can you. I don't know if I should let you see them, you will quickly become my panty slave as you helplessly scream my name when you cum. If you aak nicely, I will show you. Honey, say please. Thank you for asking so nicely, here is my beautiful silky bra and heaving cleavage. Isn't the sound of my dress rustling lovely? Here are my pretty panties, here is the front, now the back, you know you are my panty slave forever now, right?... When I command you to cum, you cum my sweet panty slave. That's it...

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