Brianna_XO - Pee Desperation & Peeing Aged 19


Brianna_XO - Pee Desperation & Peeing Aged 19
This is a mash up of clips from one of the very first customs I done aged 19 new to the adult web. The first 5 minutes, I have a beer and tell you about a time I didnt make it to the toilet, I then tell you about my experience with holding my pee and my bladder size. In the time you dont see, I have several glasses of water Then it switches to the bathroom where I set up cam, I tell you how much I need to pee and how uncomfortable it is. I pace around the room until the last minute when I feel I cant hold it anymore, I go to take my skirt off (as per instruction of the custom video) but my pee is already on its way, I jump into the shower and finish off my pee. I then take off my skirt and shower off any urine that is on me.

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