BrandiBraids - Creampied By My Big Brother's Cock


BrandiBraids - Creampied By My Big Brother's Cock
I was too tipsy to drive and my big brother came and gave me a ride. My husband is deployed for a few months and I had stopped taking my birth control so that we could have a k id. Now I'm off birth control, tipsy and SUPER HORNY. I trust my brother and know he won't tell ANYONE. I convince him to help me out, despite his concerns. After all, I'm his SISTER! The next problem is, he doesn't have any condoms! At this point I just need a cock in my mouth and he can't resist as I get on my knees. Before long I'm riding that big brother cock hard. But you CANT cum IN ME! But it turns out he can't hold off as I bounce on his cock. He fills my pussy with cum and as it drips out I realize what happened! What the hell did you do?! Naughty role play Scene. Enjoy!

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