BrandiBraids - Cheating on Facetime With a BBC


BrandiBraids - Cheating on Facetime With a BBC
I was getting ready to go out to the club and decided to Facetime my man at home and show him how hot I look! I show off my tight black dress and dance moves and then head out dancing! Then I facetime again to let him know that I met a nice friend at the club and we're going to hang out for a bit before I get home! Well... the next facetime call I can't hide it.. I'm sorry babe, I just had to taste his big black cock! I get it all wet and suck it nice and sloppy before hopping on and riding until I explode on that fat black cock! How could I resist?! I better clean him up! I'm sorry babe, maybe I won't be making it home tonight! -- full length vids -- FREE to join

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